Tantric Sex (tu đi)

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In human beings, sexual energy is understood to run in a circular path along internal channels through the body, with two distinct phases.

The first phase and initial impetus of sexual energy begins in the brain before circling downward to the genitals. More specifically, the hypothalamic-pituitary region and the pineal glands in the brain secrete hormones that control the endocrine system in the body and these include the sex glands. These hormones maintain sexual well-being and promote the eventual readiness for sexual-intercourse. This is the first and descending half of the circle - from the brain to the genitals. It is known as the biological or reproductive phase of sexual energy. And it is here that we invariably release the sexual energy created in sex, through orgasm or ejaculation.

The secret of Tantra, and its prime interest, is that sexual energy is encouraged to be retained in the body. It is not habitually released in orgasm or ejaculation. It remains within the body and is re-circulated, and through this we fulfill our orgasmic potential. In this the second half and ascending phase, sexual energy is given the opportunity to circulate back to its source in the brain, so as to revitalize and nourish the "master" glands (pineal and pituitary) in the body. These glands have a profound influence on health.

Sexual activity is known to release many hormone factors that positively affect body and attitude, and since ancient times sex has been associated with longevity and spiritual illumination. When sexual energy can be re-absorbed, recycled, sex becomes a revitalizing, energizing force. This known as the spiritual or generative phase of sex, and here the genitals are viewed reverently as generative organs. Accessing this second phase of our sexual energy by allowing it to turn inward and upward, is the revelation of Tantra. It shows us the sex can be directed to create more life, not simply another life.

This spiritual phase of sexual energy arises as men and women learn to relax together during sex. This is contrary to the popular experience of sex as effort, an activity involving tensions and pressures. We believe that the more we do in sex, the more will happen and the greater the reward. We handly think of taking it easy ! What we dnt realize is that genuine sexual ecstasy goes hand-in-hand with physical relaxation.

The more we relax, the more we feel. In fact, ecstasy and tension are diametrically opposed; tension creates heat and restlessness while ecstasy arises from a coolness and an inner peace. Tension narrows and contracts, while relaxation opens and expands. Tension creates a peak, while relaxation creates a valley. Tension forces a release, while relaxation allows absorption.

relaxation is the whole ambience of Tantra. It means that when we relax down into our sexual energy, instead of building it up a peak and then releasing it, the outcome will be more life energy and more love. In re-directing sexual energy through relaxation, we con turn it inward and upward, where it is automatically re-absorbed by the body and re-circulated.

Tantra refers to this step as placing a foot on the first pathway forges its way open in the core of the body, and we experience this from the genitals upward as a streaming electromagnetic current, a glorious golden light phenomenon. When we encourage the spiritual phase of sex instead of obstructing it as we do in our ignorance, lovemaking becomes a sacred experience filled with wonder.

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