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Rảnh rang vào net t́m nghĩa chữ Citta th́ nó như thế này:

Citta (Skt., ‘that which has been seen’, i.e. belonging to consciousness, cf. CIT). In Hinduism, the reflective and thus conscious mind; in Buddhism, an equivalent to manas (reflective mind) and vijñāna (continuing consciousness). It belongs to all beings above the level of plant life. The nature of citta received particular analysis and emphasis in Vijñanavāda (also known as Yogacāra)—so much so that the school is also known as Cittamātra, Mind only.

In Abhidhamma, the analysis differentiates 121 types of citta, each of which may be combined with any one of fifty-two cetasikas (the accompanying qualities of experience), thus producing the extremely large variety of mental events.
Giá mà có ai biết dịch sang tiếng Việt th́ thích quá!

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