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Tomorrow I'm going

Tomorrow I'm going...It's no big a deal,
It happens all the time, like fallen leaves in the park
Like flowers driven by winds onto the sidewalk,
These are minor matters in the turbulent waters of life...

Death is hovering over my deathbed,
Please spare me of comments, visitations, or prayers of peace
While my breathing is going to cease
And I'm lying, waiting to bid farewell.

These last dying moments...I wouldn't care less..
The hot and cold months on this planet.
No matter I'm rich or full of glory,
At the end I still return to dust and ashes ...

My finite existence decisively comes to an end
And enters the yin and yang borderlands
I won't be bewildered at the frontier's gate
Earthly realm is on this side, the other an unimaginable and unknown fate

I only wish my soul is always at peace,
Traveling lightly, I quicken my pace
Leaving behind those who push and pull,
While I finish my journey on earth's face...

My eyes are already closed....please don't shed tears of sympathy
Please, no flower wreaths, no offerings, nor condolences,
No videotaping, no picture taking for memories.
That would only bring stresses and strains to the surviving...

A quick look behind and life is just like a dream
I arrived naked and I'm leaving with empty hands
Many ups and downs, happy and sad moments piled high,
Now they're all cleared up...I'm stepping on board, the boat has arrived...

If you miss me...Please silently pray,
And consider a life has been liberated,
Be calm, relaxed, and gay,
I go first, you follow behind, we'll meet again...

Translated by Wissai
August 14, 2013

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