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Norovirus and coronavirus are both viruses, but overall thats about as much similarity it has, explained Dr. Miller. Norovirus youre looking for that vomiting and diarrhea, and usually its very intense,

Known mostly for its outbreaks on cruise ships, norovirus is not only intense, but highly contagious on surfaces, clothes, furniture, and anything touched by an unwashed hand.

Believe it or not, if someone is sick with norovirus, in their vomit or diarrhea is millions and millions of norovirus particles, and you only need 10 of them to get sick, warned Dr. Frank Welch, Medical Director for The Bureau of Community Preparedness for the Louisiana Office of Public Health.
Dường như bệnh coro.. ny hao hao như bệnh "thổ tả / ỉa chảy bn dưới v i mửa đằng miệng"!

Cứ outbreak như vầy th khỏi đi du lịch m phải ở nh tập lm bnh trung thu v xơi nước tr tu, th thoảng vo đy thả thơ giải muộn chứ cn biết lm g hơn ?!?

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