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Posted by DG ..98..177.221 on Jul 19, 2019 at 23:02:04:

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khong c test performance test, compatibility test, v.v.

ha~ng mnh software c cht xu, chả c nhiu m boss bắt create a lot of test cases functionality test, performance test, compatibility test, scale test, regression test, new feature test, v.v. he covers tứ lung tung, lm mnh theo khong nổi v nhiều features chưa hiểu r, features complicate th boss test nn c nhiều features hỏi mnh, mnh khong rnh cch test, v đọc test cases th phải m, c khi boss viết test case in general, mnh fải run test cases đ th đi hỏi boss chỉ v mnh modify lại test case cho dễ hiểu

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