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ha ha ha ha

Khi học V Đạo, họ c bn v Judo, Karate, Ji Jitsu, Aikido, MMA, etc. They have different styles and alternative disciplines such as sports nhu* football, soccer, baseball, basketball, softball, wrestling, ...
MMA is another style.
Do ddo' kho^ng the^? ddem ca`n o^ng no. ma` ca('m va`o ca`m ba` kia.

QUan la` tinh tha^`n cu?a ngu*o*`i Vo~ Si~ DDa.o !
sportsmanship, tinh tha^`n thu*o*.ng vo~, hie^.p si~ !

To*' theo ho.c Vo~ DDa.o chu*' kho^ng hoa`n toa`n ho.c vo~ !

Judo, Karate, Tae Kwno Do ddu*o*.c co^ng nha^.n ca?nhu* mo^n the^? thao trong Olympic - MMA is not !

Moon Moo Kwan masters coi MMA as another discipline !

To*' nghi~ MMA too violent, hi`nh nhu* thie^'u tinh tha^`n vo~ si~ dda.o !

Cu~ng co' TKD VN o*? Meo~ nhu* vo~ su* Nguye^n Bi`nh o*? Washington DC, hay ca'c tru*o*`ng TKD cu?a ngu*o*`i Vie^.t nhu*ng ho. ma.nh ai na^'y la`m chu? - thie^'u standard, ca'ch da.y kha'c nhau thie^'u tho^'ng nha^'t va` kho^ng ho*.p nha^t' !
Ca'c tru*o*`ng Vo~ VN are struggle to survive vi` kho^ng ddu? vo~ sinh - do ddo' kho' pha't huy, kho' tho%'ng nha^t va` kho' ba`nh tru*o*`ng !

Moon Moo Kwan plan to expand its operations in high schools, collegs, ro^` tha`nh 1 chuo^?i nhu* YMCA YWCA !!

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