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Posted by B ..73..180.33 on Nov 24, 2019 at 12:48:02:

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ha ha ha ha

Master Oh is my mentor when I was trained to become a martial arts master !
I was in this class in 6 months for focus training + Yoga
va` 3 ba`i quye^`n mo*'i Mae Hwa Ran, Tae Bae and Mae Hwa Kwon

Va` chua^?n bi. cho DDe^. Ngu? DDa(?ng Huye^`n DDai
to*' ddamg luye^n ba`i quye^`n Pyong Won cu*.c ky` lo*.i ha.i !

theo cch kh cng ny sẽ lm mắt sng, v sống lu !

Ối Ối Thanh Tịnh lơi l hl ơi !

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