được khen :D

Posted by tinh ..76..244.248 on Nov 22, 2018 at 10:43:07:

Hôm qua viết email, nghĩ sao viết vậy, ai ngờ được khen, thật là thích quá đi .

Post lại cho coi nhen, dĩ nhiên tên phải viết tắt lại ihiii

Thank you T for the eloquent words. Bless you and your family and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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From: TP
To: A S
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2018 5:20 PM
Subject: Happy Thanksgiving A

A year plenty of emotional events is finishing soon, I especially thank you for doing several work B assigned you to do, as you are the one he trusted and loved the most.
Hopefully you can stay free of duty now, so you can spend a happy Thanksgiving with your closed ones, and your son. I wish one day you allow me to visit you, then I will be more than happy.
The Christmas season is also coming soon, bringing peace to you, A. Offer your pain and your lost to baby Jesus, who suffered since he was born, poor and cold, and homeless. This is the only way we can think of to understand why bad things happen. That's life, A.

Just relax and enjoy the holiday time. Just forget everything for a while.


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