Re: Bệnh dị ứng với kỹ thuật ?

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ha ha ha

Ti`nh cu?a dda(`ng y' cu~Ng la` ti`nh cu?a nhie^`u ngu*o*`i co' tuo^?i !

Ky~ Thua^.t pha't trie^?n bo? xa ca'c dda(`ng y'
nhu*ng ha~y nghi~ the^' na`y - cha.y theo ky~ thua^.t la`m cho cho me^t. ga` !
Do what you can is enough - Dont' worry about advanced technologies .

Without them, you still live why bother with them !!

Take care ha' !

O^'io^'i Ba Ra^u o*i la` Bo^'n RIa o*i !

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