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Posted by tinh (98..168.131) on June 26, 2024 at 18:48:29:

In Reply to: Re: chuyện nhà :D posted by Lz on June 26, 2024 at 16:59:06:

cái gì cũng có mức độ khác nhau, chứ làm gì có kiểu ai cũng ngang ngang nhau ... Làm gì có 2 ng điên mà điên y nhau :D Điên cũng mỗi ng 1 vẽ chứ hả :D?

Như tui khg thích họp mặt bên gđ ax, nhưng họp mặt bên gđ tui thì tui ok. Còn có những ng họp mặt với chính gđ họ, họ cũng khg muốn.

ax và tui đang xem phim "The Son" trên Netflix, coi trễ nên chưa coi hết phim. tui copy cốt truyện trên Wikipedia cho Laozi

Peter Miller is recently married to his second wife, Beth, and is raising their newborn baby. His ex-wife, Kate, unexpectedly shows up and says their 17-year-old son, Nicholas, is depressed and has dropped out of school.

Although Peter barely knows Nicholas, he agrees to house him. Peter also has a terrible relationship with his own father, Anthony, who was cruel when he wasn't absent from Peter's life. However, Peter has moved on from his childhood trauma and hopes to be a good father towards Nicholas.

Despite trying to bond with Nicholas, Peter refuses to acknowledge that he has deeply wounded him by cheating on Kate. But when Nicholas attempts suicide and is placed in an in-patient treatment facility, Peter belatedly grasps his responsibility for the situation.

A week later, Peter and Kate bring Nicholas home after feeling sympathetic to his pleas that he regrets the decisions that led to the facility. Once back home, Nicholas makes tea for his parents and happily talks about seeing a movie as a family. As he leaves to shower and his parents discuss how things seem better, Nicholas shoots himself dead. Traumatized by his son’s suicide, years later Peter fantasizes about what Nicholas' life could have been like if he had lived. Beth comforts him while he expresses guilt and remorse, and blames himself for the tragedy.

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