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bc Google dịch n .. hơi ba trợn t m cũng ni chung cũng đng ... hi hi..

My dad,

I thank you very much for your hospitality and your wonderful meal of health. I can hear what you would like to say to me. May I take this opportunity to openly express my thoughts and feelings.

I never forget the letter you wrote to me in Vietnam when I was very young. How pleased I was to receive it. Imagine what it means for a child who has never known fatherhood since birth.

Although you are not my biological father, you are the first to offer me the true love of a father. Nothing needs to change that fact. Whatever it is, I always keep deep in my heart all the pleasant memories of a good dad during my childhood. So, I could say with immense gratitude that you are in fact a beautiful gift from heaven.

Since I am now an adult to whom God has entrusted a beautiful family, I am completely able to take care of it. Julie revealed to me once that she would be happy as long as you're happy. Me too. May God bless you and may the good life smile for you every day. You well deserved it !

A few words to remind you how much you are appreciated.

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