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Posted by DG ..73..229.99 on Nov 28, 2019 at 12:28:52:

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ừa . mấy ngui ngồi chơi ăn lương sung h

ngy xưa mnh lc ex-boss cn, mnh chỉ cover phần functionality giờ hốt hết nn khong re-test functionality nhiều nữa . hm bữa new boss hỏi mnh chia việc cho her and ni "from your test report, look like you are almost done" mnh reply: it doesn't mean anything . We always have to go back to re-test the functionality with new build ri mnh ku her lo test functionality đi , chứ tuần ny developers nghỉ lễ . chả biết she c lm hay thấy developers t t ri she cũng t t theo

trong khi hng kia she lm tối mặt lun

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