Re: Gởi CTC ..... copyrights for 3D package

Posted by honhoan ..108..57.232 on Mar 09, 2019 at 05:36:05:

In Reply to: Re: Gởi CTC ..... copyrights for 3D package posted by CTC on Mar 09, 2019 at 03:33:13:

hi vong CTC do.c ky~ lai. ca^u no'i cu?a chi'nh CTC: Đ l dự định của mnh by giờ, nhưng c thể thay đổi nay mai. Thi kệ, tới đu hay tới đ vậy ! Tuong lai cua? cai' multimillion dollar product do' di ra to*'I duoc market khong duoc to^'t la*'m khi CC da~ nghi~ nhu vay! Remember: accountability, high energy level, decisiveness and strong motivation are necessary qualities of successful innovators. You need to portray that image with investors!
co^.ng ta'c va invest voi CTC kho^ng co' nghia~ la investors se~ bo? nhie^`u tie^`n ra va` la`m viec ca^.t lu*.c de^? do.n co^~ cho CTC da^u!! cau noi' cuoi cu`ng co' y' hu*o*'ng thu*.c te^' chu*' kho^ng co' y' cham cho.c CTC dau. my 2 cents. Forgive me for sending you my unsolicited comments. Have a great day!

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