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google ra, đọc kỹ đi nhen r̀i sẽ bít phải dùng tout,tous, hay toutes ihihii, r̀i nói ti nghe, coi gíng ý ti khg há

Tout = Adverb
An adverb is yet another word which modifies a word! An adverb doesnt modify a noun or pronoun (adjectives do). An adverb modifies a verb (it ads to the verb, like quickly in English), an adjective or another adverb.
Tout is used as an adverb when it is in front of an adjective (except possessive and demonstrative adjectives, as seen above, in this case tout is an indefinite adjective) or another adverb.
It means extremely, entirely.
As an adverb, tout is invariable, it has only one form: tout pronounced too.
Ils sont tout contents dêtre ici they are absolutely happy to be here
Note that when tout comes before a feminine adjective starting with a consonant or a pronounced H, then it becomes toute or toutes, both pronounced toot.
This is a big exception for an adverb, which usually has only one form, and quite an advanced and confusing concept (I am positive most French people dont know that rule).

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