Do you agree that the US is the best country in the world even with its failings?

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While the coronavirus news is still hot on the table, I leave this small story here:

The U.S government arranges evacuations for its citizens from the “high-risk” area. However, it comes with a loan of $1000+ dollar and you have to repay them in full or installment.

Viet Nam, a country which is deemed to lack basic human rights and morality. They send an airplane and aircrew to evacuate its citizens from Wuhan. Mind you, there is a high chance that there are infected among the evacuees; all crew members are volunteers from 100 volunteered Vietnam Airlines staff.
Our plan is to evacuate 300 Vietnam students and residents from Wuhan and keep up with other Chinese cities on lockdown, and all for FREE OF CHARGE; free quarantine and treatment after landing.

Both governments are co-operating at the highest level to give proper treatment and necessary evacuation.

All of the action is free. Mind you that Vietnam and China never charge their citizens for evacuation.

Here are some photos of the aircrew before taking off. They are our heroes now.

Edit answer:

Thanks for all support! I am so happy to hear many governments choose to fly its people out of danger for free.

I see some people defend that practice of U.S government. Ask yourself a question “is a country the best if it chooses to extort money from the weak/sick, at their direst time of need??”

I know that evacuation will be paid by taxpayer, as if you have to remind us. We, in “third world” countries, pay tax too. But we are much happier to use our money to help the ones in need!

Edit Answer 2nd:

I found a link story from U.S evacuees from Haiti during the terrible earthquake, the couple was charged $1600 by DoS (plus interest and penalty). This is not about cost effective but how a nation value human life and its citizen.

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