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My View on CoViD-19 Death:

Top medical doctors and scientists in US who based on the past 3-month data of death, drew the CoViD-19 Model curve at its apex of 100,000 to 240,000 deaths. The data might be accuracy - assume that the number of death in China/WuHan and data collection are correct - during last 2 or 3 months. Currently, the number of death (NoD) is high.

However, all healthcare workers are aware and the whole medical world pay a lot of attention to the illness. Doctors and scientists are racing to find the cure (medication and vaccine) and also have more experience for treatment. Notice that data becomes much more dynamic along with the learning curve of the doctors, nurses, EMT, etc.

Therefore, rate of death is much lower. Consequently, NoD is much lower than the predicted number of death announced by the President last week. My prediction is that NoD should be less than 100,000 it could be around 50,000 at US. The number of death is also unacceptable in the medicine world.

God Bless All of Us !

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