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Posted by Lz ..207..61.9 on Sep 13, 2020 at 21:16:20:

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Bee: pollin is better than shit.
Fly: I don't think so. There's no such thing as pollin. It's probably dry rock. Who wants that?
Bee: Oops, sorry. I mean pollen. Pollen is better than shit.
Flỵ: You're serious?
Bee: Uh, yeah.
Fly: Do you eat it?
Bee: Uh, umm, no.
Fly: What do you do with it?
Bee: Uh, nothing, it just sticks to my legs when I go feeding. It's kind of annoying actually.
Fly: Go feeding on what, exactly?
Bee: Flower nectar.
Fly: So what you meant to say is "Flower nector is better than shit", correct?
Bee: Yes!
Fly: Well, I totally agree. I would trade a pile of shit for a jar of honey nectar anytime.
* Both fly and bee hold hands and sing kumbaya *

The End

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